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Texas Attorneys Protecting Your Business & Family

Saving You Time, Money & Future Problems

Saving You Time, Money & Future Problems

Dallas Criminal Defense Attorneys

Texas penal laws are strict. If you are facing an investigation or have been arrested for any type of criminal charge, you need an attorney who can help you right away and is responsive when called upon.

You need a Dallas criminal defense lawyer who is on your side and understands what is at stake. We are here to help you save time, money and future problems by taking immediate steps to help you today. Contact The Wortham Law Firm to schedule a free initial consultation today.

Help When You Need It the Most

At The Wortham Law Firm, we defend people facing all types of criminal charges, including:

  • DWI
  • Traffic violations
  • Misdemeanor offenses
  • Felony crimes
  • White collar crimes
  • Violent crimes

We will look at every piece of evidence and analyze if law enforcement acted properly. We know how to challenge motions and raise valid constitutional concerns. We will be by your side every step of the way, fighting to minimize the consequences, whether it is negotiating a fair plea bargain or advocating for a fair sentence.

Our goal is to help you protect not only your freedom, but your reputation as well since many criminal charges carry a stigma that can affect your ability to get a job, housing, finances and other vital components of your life.

Contact a Proactive Plano DWI Defense Attorney Today

Contact us to take the first step toward a lasting relationship with a knowledgeable, experienced and driven attorney. We offer free initial consultations and a level of service built on establishing trust and confidence.