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Saving You Time, Money & Future Problems

Saving You Time, Money & Future Problems

Dallas, Texas, Custody & Support Modification Attorneys

Plano Lawyers Helping You Modify Family Law Orders

Life can change unexpectedly, especially in today's economy. Many people are losing their jobs and struggling with their finances. Divorce decrees reflect your circumstances at the time of the divorce and not later in life. If your circumstances have significantly changed, you may need to seek a modification to your child support, custody or alimony arrangement.

Contact our divorce attorneys in Dallas, Texas, at 972-744-0445 if you need assistance with a post-divorce modification. Whether we represented you during your divorce or not, we offer a free consultation for anyone seeking to modify a family law order.

Know Your Rights and Options

The Wortham Law Firm strives to help clients understand their rights and options regarding modifications and enforcement of child custody, child support, and other family law orders that may have already been established by the courts.

If you think you have a valid reason to modify a portion of a decree, our Dallas child custody and support modification attorneys at The Wortham Law Firm can analyze your circumstances and help you determine if there is justification to file a motion to modify.

Child Support and Custody Modifications

Child support can be increased or decreased due to substantial changes in circumstances. If the parent paying child support experiences an increase in earnings, a decrease in earnings or if the financial needs of the children increase, there could be grounds to modify child support. The rights and duties allocated between parents can be modified, as well as custody, periods of possession and access, and parenting plans.

Cost-Effective Modifications

At The Wortham Law Firm, we know that a parent's situation can change significantly over time. Our experienced team can save you time, money and future problems. If you are searching for a lawyer who is dedicated to achieving optimal results for your divorce modification in a cost-effective manner, contact The Wortham Law Firm at 972-744-0445.